Sunday, March 8, 2009

That innocuous green thing

Evolution is inevitable.. You grow old - you can't do anything about it.. your circumstances change - you can't do anything about it..

Most notable recent changes in my life

1) I actually have a live-in wife
2) Lying on the couch and watching the entire series "Lord of the rings' extended DVDs back to back is a comfort that I will never possibly experience ever again
3) Chick flicks are no longer only for chicks, infact it is the most undeniable form of family entertainment
4) Train your ears to be volunatrily numb if she loves a song, cauz that's all that will be playing for the next several several days over and over.. (yeah! she's still hearing a song she picked up 2 weeks back.... stupid stupid Ingrid Michaelson).
5) Vampires are gross, tropical fishes are adorable
6) Doing laundry is not an option, but a certain reality that stares at my face twice or thrice a week
7) Slipping into that lousy pair of "close to the end of its lifecycle" jeans and Tshirt (even if you are running to the nearby store for a carton of milk) is disastrous and can lead to a lot of mental torture
8) Don't complain, just eat. After all you did the cutting and the baking
9) Never eat anything and everything
10) Being a gentleman has lots to do with a clean apartment i.e. if you do the cleaning
11) Shop not for your need, but for the excitement of it.. Even grocery shopping could give you one heck of an adrenaline pump..
12) When she says "I don't know", it actually means "DON'T DO IT"
13) When she says "Nothing happened", it actually means "You just did something horrible and next 24-48 hours of your life is going to be a sleep deprived, food deprived silent and continuous torture"

Little did I know that innocuous looking green dressed "thing" I met a year back in one of the most populated cities of India would change my life so much.

But then, that "thing" is one of the best things that ever happened to me

Evolution is inevitable.. Trust me.. you don't want to do anything about it..


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